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:: EU Sprint Contests - Join the fun 4 times a year! ::
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EU Sprint Contests - Join the fun 4 times a year!
Speedy Gonzales
Latest Results
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Spring CW
April 2015
Stay Tuned!

Autumn SSB
6th October, 2014

Spring SSB
April 2015
Stay Tuned!

Autumn CW
13th October, 2014

Speedy Gonzales - the EU Sprint mascot
RSSLatest EU Sprint News
By M0RHI on Sun, 12th October, 2008, 21:58:45

It is my sad duty to inform the Sprint community that Paolo, I2UIY has become a silent key in the past week. It is under...
By G4BUO on Tue, 7th October, 2008, 15:52:39
Conditions in the spring CW sprint were tough, though maybe not quite such a struggle as on SSB. Sitting at the south-west tip of Europe, Felipe CT1ILT repeated his success in the CW event. Unlike the...
By I2UIY on Fri, 8th August, 2008, 15:03:18
2008 is the 15th year since when EU Sprint was born. The first two winners were DL6RAI (CW) and IK6BOB (SSB). It seems yeasterday...

We went thru a full sunspot cycle so we had the chance to experi...
A brief introduction
Did You Know...?
It's only 19 days until the next SSB Sprint
It's only 26 days until the next CW Sprint
QSO Format
Here is a sample QSO in EU Sprint:
I2UIY has frequency
(G4BUO now has frequency)
Did You Know...?
There have been 5215 entries into the EU Sprint contests since it's conception in 1994. 51.3% of these entries were for the CW contests. In total, over 385000 QSOs have been made by entrants to the EU Sprint contests since it began.
EU Sprint map - map of Europe

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